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[MOTD] TTT Rules
Welcome to NRG-Network Trouble in Terrorist Town

How to play TTT:
Innocents, Survivalists and Detectives must work together to defeat the Traitors and Serial Killers who threaten them.
Survivalists, Detectives, Traitors and Serial Killers have access to special equipment by opening the equipment shop (C on keyboard).
Serial Killers must kill all alive players to win.

To report a player or create a staff ticket use !report or F9

Global Rules:
  • Respect all fellow players
  • No Modding/Hacking
  • Do not advertise other servers
  • Do not impersonate Staff

TTT Rules:
  • Do not RDM (Random Death Match) killing or injuring someone without a reason or at random.
  • Do not Metagame. Using out of game communication to spoil or cheat.
  • Do not exploit mechanics, map mechanics or prop surf.
  • Do not use props to kill other players unless you are a traitor.
  • Do not help or work for the other team.
  • As traitors do not give equipment away to others.
  • Do not falsely report players.
  • If you are stuck call for an admin. If you are stuck in other players do not attempt to kill them, wait for an admin to assist you.
  • Innocents cannot team with Traitors.
  • Do not kill AFKs until either all other players have been killed OR Haste mode is in overtime
  • Body Blocking is not allowed. Body Blockers can be KOS'd after 2 warnings at least 5 seconds apart.
  • Traitors must not delay the round by not attempting to kill players or hiding.
  • You must have a readable english name (for admin reasons).
  • Players cannot claim a room unless they are a traitor.
  • Traitors must call out all map traps, Jihads or any other actions which could kill other traitors. (Items already marked i.e. C4 and Slam are excluded)
  • You cannot harm your teammates on purpose or attempt to undercover them.
  • Traitors cannot camp inside Traitor Rooms for longer than 30 seconds.
  • Innocents are not allowed to traitor bait. (Shooting near or at other players to try make themselves appear as a traitor)
  • Innocents must be actively playing the game and not hiding.

KOS (Kill on Sight) Offences:
  • Walking by an unidentified body.
  • Spotted inside the traitor room.
  • Using Traitor items such as C4, Slams etc
  • Possessing a Traitor item which they have not declared in Text chat
  • Throwing Incendiary grenades or discombobulators at other players.
  • Destroying Innocent Win Items or Disabling Traitor Tester.
  • Not submitting to the Traitor Tester after 3 warnings by the detective, given 5 seconds apart.
  • Calling a false KOS
  • Killing an Innocent Player

Non-KOS Offences:
  • Pre round propkill.
  • Saying you are a traitor.
  • Facing a traitor trap going off.
  • Location
  • Self-Defence (When witnessed by others)

  • !report to Submit a Report or Staff Ticket
  • !motd to bring up the rules
  • F3 to open Pointshop
  • F2 to Toggle Muting on live and dead players.

Standard Punishments:
  • 1 Slay for < 3 RDMs in a single round and must remain until the end of the Slain Round.
  • 6 Hour Ban for RDM and leaving to avoid punishment.
  • 24 Hour Ban for Multiple RDM/Other Breaches and leaving to avoid punishment.
  • 1 Day Ban for Consistent RDM
  • 1 Day for Karma below 500
  • 1 Day for Metagaming
  • 5 Days for attempted Mass RDM - Mass RDM is >3
  • 1 Week for Mass RDM
  • 1 Week for 2nd Case Metagaming
  • 1 Week for Advertising
  • Permanent Bans are in placed for Hacking.
  • Permanent Bans may also be handed out to players who are consistently receiving bans.
  • Other Rules breaches are subject to Staff Discretion on punishment

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