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Staff Application Template
  • You are active and well-known on the server you are applying for.
  • You understand the chain of command.
  • You are calm, organised and can handle stressful situations.
  • You are at least 15 years old (Exceptions can be made depending on maturity)
  • At least 3 Days Playtime

Please Title your application "[SERVER NAME e.g. TTT] (Yourname)'s Staff Application" as well as use the format below
e.g. [TTT] Rowantrek's Staff Application


Your name:



Playtime (Include Screenshot):

References from Current Staff Team (Min. 1, Include their comment, name and rank):

Why do you want to become staff?

Why should we grant you a staff position?

Do you have prior staffing experience?


If Applicable include the following sections depending on which server you are applying for

Trouble in Terrorist Town


Community Director

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